We Are Of Two Natures

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Since the nascent of humanity, there has clearly emerged a struggle between the dual natures found in the heart of man. The opposing forces are; the earthly nature, the source that founded family, discernment of danger and expression of individuality, and the Etheric nature; the supporter of Truth, Wisdom, and Bliss. Instincts for survival and propagation of the species, found in the earthly nature are the foundation for the success of human life. For the longest time the Etheric nature of humanity loomed largely untapped and a seemingly separate reality from humankind - a nature of a Divine Being from regions beyond the power of early humans. Unbeknownst to early humans this lofty behavior, though distant, was not a wholly disconnected characteristic of humanity.

The path of the unfoldment of humanity, and every individual, can be traced through the 7 major power centers of the human body. These power centers have been known for ages. "Chakra," is the most commonly used term for these power centers. They begin at the base of the spine and rise to the top of the head. The first three chakras are representative of the earthly nature, while the top three are representative of the Etheric nature. There is a crossover point where the earthly nature and the Etheric nature meet, within the forth chakra, in the heart. The combination in humankind of these two natures is what sets humanity above all other life forms on this planet.

The grip of the former does not provide the necessary grasp for the latter.

The Earthly Nature
In the ascent of humankind from its earthly nature, while showing great progress, there are still base behaviors produced that are linked to this origin. These base behaviors has provided for the survival of humankind as it slowly climbed the Tree Of Life to discover meaning in physical existence.

The Root Chakra
The visceral force used to protect family, tribe, and later country has always been justified beyond question as reasonable in sustaining the centuries, and even millennia, of effort that resides within the protected group. But what shortcomings have been revealed in the prompting of such behaviors continues to be lost in the murky channels of the earthly natured mind.

The Sacral Chakra
The speechless divination, without deep reflection of good and bad, first found it's place in the daily survival routine of early humans. The patterns of which survive with robust form in the earthly nature in humans of today. Within that earthly nature, discernment of, "good for me," "bad for me," still emanates, colored by the herd mentality established so long ago to protect the then underdeveloped masses.

The Solar Plexus Chakra
As humans found their voice, the more developed, standing on a less crowded upper rung of evolution asserted themselves as leaders and presented themselves from their sense of ego. This crucial step in the growth of humanity measured, "will," and, "desire," in equal parts for the achievement of a focused thought.

The Earthly Nature's Portion Of The Heart Chakra
When humanity rose to the point of holding dear to their heart matters of any importance the fearful grip needed to survive in the physical realm found solace in the first true sense of love. The separation from the mundane drew breath into a humanity that was poised for greater things in the ascension into the Etheric self.

The Crossing Point
At this shared space of the human body, the heart, the bridge between the earthly nature and the Etheric nature, the commonality found between the two natures speaks a universal language of love.

The Etheric Nature
The heavenly gift to humankind has forever reigned in terms of Truth, Wisdom, and Bliss. The undeniable reality of self and meaning derived from a lifetime of contemplation and awareness gives full weight to a life. The profound understanding of universal connectedness, the power of intentions, and the fruit of observation culminate in quality of existence. The measureless bounty of being is humanity's highest level, a silently whispered breath away from entering into the Divine.

The Etheric Nature's Portion Of The Heart Chakra
The heart of the Etheric Self contains the space of unconditional love. Love borne from the embracing of the self in the form of others; love giving in a form of receiving; giving in an act which allows one to be provided for. The heart hears the emotions of fellow humans and sends out sincere messages of acceptance, sympathy, and encouragement. From the Etheric heart humankind can truly connect without speaking. Selfless the Etheric nature of humankind rest to be what it is, seeking to live in allowance as all flows from the Single Source.

The Throat Chakra
From a vantage point attained from the deepest of contemplation, the awareness humans arrive upon makes clear to them the truth that is reposed within them. Speaking from their awareness of self they fully know they know little. The subject of their focus is their own experience and their understood purpose. Speech, behavior, and intentions indicates to the world each person's connection to the inspirations of their individual being.

The Brow Chakra
Within the eye of the mind, human's are lifted to a perch from which great vistas are available. This elevation delivers and is delivered by the vast observation that all that is has an unbreakable bond, indelibly in place and rendered whole by the nature of nature itself. Through this portal mere knowledge enters to return as wisdom further adding to the quality in which the individual proceeds to pursue the fulfillment of their life purpose.

The Crown Chakra
The epitome of being - the sheer bliss that accompanies the ability to acknowledge one's physical being in the proper perspective to the whole. Here the love that makes all things and is due to all things, runs like a fast moving river through all things. Upon this movement a greater overview of motionlessness connects the human with the part of themselves which is all other things. In this sublime state of communion with all that is, the human mind is given a glimpse in the direction of the Divine State.

As individuals living our lives within the framework of humanity, we attain our own quality and quantity of contemplation on an incomprehensible number of issues and subjects. In this process within our own abilities we determine for ourselves the responses by which we will lead our lives. These responses open and close doors of perception, sometimes, on a minute-by-minute basis. As individuals engaged in the activities that will make up our lives, conscious decisions made reflect our abilities to perceive and conceive our self, others, and the world around us. The ability to avail one's self to our own unfoldment is an event all too often unachieved simply due to the lack of awareness.

The Struggle
Throughout the ages the mysteries of the universe have been exposed to individuals who were not yet prepared to received such powerful information. Many did not recognize the substance of which they had encountered. In their climb they were themselves on a level far too low to grasp the knowledge above the level of their unfoldment. These individuals may have paused momentarily to ponder what they could not ponder later to resumed they life's journey from where they could. Others may have glimpsed the planes of higher thought, maybe even been provided with a more substantial grounding in the subject, yet were still unable to navigate the deeper waters. In these individuals a conflict might arise. Unable to fully understand, these individuals might attempt to move themselves unnaturally to bring wisdom into being within themselves. To attain enlightenment these individuals might attempt, by physical or emotional deprivation, to cancel their earthly nature in hopes of activating their Etheric nature. The goal of activating the Etheric nature while attempting to discard the earthly nature is behavior best describes as an, "out-of-balance action." For the present, we will be who we are to be. The full range of the earthly and Etheric natures plays a vital part in physical existence. Balance is the key to purposeful existence - rising to the Etheric heart and crown at times of meditation and communion with the universe while descending to the root for the facilitating of essential survival needs. Individuals who dwell devoutly in one nature or the other, while having the ability to traverse the natures, do so out-of-balance with their physical existence. The difficulty in rising from the earthly nature to the Etheric has a counterpart, albeit less difficult in movement, in the opposite direction. Awareness of where one is on their climb of the Tree Of Life and their abilities to make the climb fits perfectly with the individual's life journey. When one wishes to forcibly falsify their awareness and abilities a resulting adjustment will most assuredly be introduced by nature.

The Solution
Take care of yourself. Figure out what is good for you and what is not good for you. Be yourself. Open your heart to love. Speak the truth of who you are. Observe and contemplate. Seek perspective of the whole. Creatively express yourself and have fun.

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