How The Power To Love Works

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The Power To Love works by seeing the positive in any situation; by seeing past fearfully misrecognized markers of shortcomings; by viewing without judgment what the ego objects to in any setting; by trusting that in all circumstances purpose and providence inhabit the people, surroundings and events of one's life.

Love is not created by humankind yet is manifest in this world through humankind. We are the conduits of the Infinite Love of...(fill in the blank), (call it what you will). The Single Source of our creation does not have a qualm as to what we name it. Power has been deposited in certain forms of interaction which include names, words and activities yet a connection made between an intellectual life form and the higher level of consciousness that is the stem of our existence is possible through personally defined methods as well. A voice directed at the origin of our experience is always heard. And the hearing of a Divine response resonates within our hearts.

The heart is the channel through which love enters the physical universe. From there our actions manifest its conveyance. By becoming, within our abilities and willingness, a flowing stream of love we harmonize with the highest level of love and draw into our life benefits of an uplifting condition. Focused thought upon the most desirable of circumstances strengthens our bonds with the Infinite.

The spoken word delivers influential energy. Speak of what you love. Forgo speaking of what you "hate". Build what you love and what stood in your way will be replaced. To tear down with hate leaves little in place including the heart that used hate as a force.

The expansion of our experience is limitless when, to the greatest of our abilities, we engage The Power To Love.

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