These Are Your Options

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1. Your surroundings, events or the people with whom your interact come to more closely reflect your essence.
(By your thoughts and behaviors you influence the environment, activities, and people near you, to experience and support a change in a related vibrational frequency which comes to harmonize with your vibration.)

2. You repulse, or are repulsed by, the essence of objects, events, surroundings, or someone you come into contact with.
(A presence, yours or one you encounter, is either more-positive, less-positive, or somehow unrecognizably different and is determined by one or both parties to be undesirable creating a split between the parties.)

3. You come to reflect the essence of objects, events, surroundings, or people with whom your interact.
(Due to the dominate or accepted presence of things, activities, localities, or persons near you, consciously or unconsciously, your vibrational frequency raises or lowers to harmonize with that presence.)

"Essence" denotes the vibrational frequency of a person, situation, object, or event. This is related to a scale of more-positive through less-positive, as it is widely accepted matching proportionately and respectively to love and the lack of love, as we understand it.

"Vibrational Frequency" is a term used to describe the rate and amplitude of an emotional or spiritual property which is emitted, sensed or not, from all matter animate and inanimate.

Within every person is a gamut of instinct and intellect which encompasses their most-loving self and their least-loving self. From which portion of that scale we act is our choice. As we act we will likely gravitate to a centralized disposition which will in time characterize our general personality. This centralized disposition matches our essence.

Counter-productive actions are; inflicting physical harm to the human body, including murder and suicide, and the exacerbation of the emotional state of the innocent and the weak, this can include ourselves. In the opinion of many, other actions may be thought of as undesirable yet are more injurious to the perpetrator than the intended victim.

What someone does can not matter to someone else until the second party responds to the original act.

If the response is made by default, and instinctual, then the response is made without intellectual engagement. This source of response is potentially appropriate and beneficial yet may more likely reflect a thoughtless herd mentality action inbred with base survival instincts.

If the response is made using intellect, thought, regardless of foundation, has been engaged. Review of currently held belief systems affords the individual their best opportunity to have the most well-founded intellect upon which to draw appropriate responses.

How one chooses to pursue this existence can be an ever-evolving experience offering many opportunities for expansion. Some choices will return a more mundane movement, stocked with the default actions of an unengaged intellect. As sure as gravity attracts mass, more-positive and less-positive actions will render commensurate fruit.

All actions possess the essence of spiritual mass. Love returns love, and actions that lack love, return actions that lack love. Through this we ask for our experience by our actions.

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