The Power To Love

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The Power To Love is the ability to center one's life in an uplifting condition. Because no two people understand, believe, or live in the same way, improvement in this matter is best discerned by the individual. With The Power To Love it is possible to alter our surroundings and inspire those near us to create their own uplifting condition. The mechanics for this process are elementary and easily attained with confidence, discipline, and consistency. The process is to love ceaselessly and to reflect with great appreciation and joy upon the uplifting physical and emotional events of one's life, present or desired. Importantly, this is done while trusting one's intuition with an impersonal neutrality, and remaining free of personal judgment of one's self, others, and the world around us.

In our lives we respond to myriad of demands placed upon us daily. Endlessly, we are confronted with people, situations, and events that call for our reaction. This is the foundation of life. Countless times everyday moments appear in which we must decide what we are going to do in regards to something someone said, how circumstances we encounter and plans we have evolve, or an action that might or has taken place.

Our response is a representation of us, at that moment, and comes from one of two sources within our being. A response could first spring from our instinctual self. A source of unconscious determination that has long existed within us and which protected Humankind as we developed in past millennia. Instinct still serves us greatly, occasionally in life or death situations, but often it also overshadows our lives with unnecessary displays of ego-centric behavior and desires. The other source of response to daily life can issue from our intellectual self, what many recognize as our mind. This more recently developed source of conscious action is predicated on the logic we possess or have developed for ourselves. This logic encompasses our belief system in regards to the unconditional love we have for humanity, truth as we see it, wisdom we recognize within ourselves and our connection to the world and things greater than ourselves.

Both sources undergo changes throughout our life. Our instincts are largely inborn yet are conditioned as we unconsciously experience our world. Our intellect, while partly inborn, is greatly a conscious outgrowth of our thoughts and rumination on our life experience. Both sources provide us with motivations as we are called upon to act in this world. The response we choose or the emotions we allow to motivate us come from within us and are ours to control. Ultimately, what we do in this life is our responsibility. How we act shows our self to the world.

The power we have at our command and the choices we make in responding to people, situations, and events reveals us, at that moment, to be centered in one of three dispositions. These three dispositions are; "I love it," "I hate it," or "whatever." Generally speaking, these are the three, "flavors," our actions will reinforce. Respectively, one is more-positive, one, to a large degree, is less-positive and one is neutral. All can be placed on a scale denoting quantity of the single element at the heart of all matter and emotion. That element is love.

There is no such thing as hatred. Just like there is no such thing as a source of darkness. Darkness is the lack or absence of light. Actions that are equated with hate are simply actions that lack love as we perceive the positive nature of love. This is important because every action contains some level and directed focus of what we call love. The intensity and focus of that love is what manifest in an action.

The intensity of love in any action matches a point on a scale of, "more-positive," to, "less-positive," as we see it. Much like the presence or absence of light in a physical setting, this scale represents the gradation of love in all actions. As we act we determine, either by instinct or intellect, the amount of love in our actions, whether by ability or will. The importance of this is found in the disposition we choose to center ourselves in as we engage The Power To Love.

One would find this to be important because what we create with our actions we receive back as reinforced actions, from ourselves and what is around us. This colors our world. A less-positive action will often motivate someone to instinctively return a respond in kind. An intellectual response to a less-positive action takes more effort and thought and is more likely to be more-positive if not simply neutral. The neutral disposition is often a developed response created to disengage any further interaction with the confronting person, situation, or event.

A continually supported disposition will permeate people, situations, and events in one's surroundings. Which means one's surroundings will come to reflect the disposition one supports ranging from, "more-positive," to, "less-positive." Alternate to this, because conscious participants are free to choose which disposition they will support, people, situations, and events may change due to repulsion of or attraction to a disparate disposition. The only remaining option is a person may, consciously or unconsciously, convert to the disposition supported by people, situations, or events which surround them. These dispositions can be thought of as vibrational frequencies that are either harmonious or discordant.

The results of any interaction has two alternate outcomes. Firstly, between two parties one assumes the vibrational frequency of the other, either by raising or lowering the disposition they support - becoming either more-positive or less-positive whichever is more dominate and accepted. Secondarily, the vibrational frequencies are sufficiently discordant that one or both parties separates from interaction. More succinctly, a person becomes what they are exposed to, or what a person is exposed to mirrors them, or both split apart avoiding the other as undesirable. In the case that one is inanimate it is simply avoided having been found undesirable by the animated conscious participant.

There is one last scenario that can occur. A conscious participant can encounter a discordant vibrational frequency and while being at odds with the newly encountered party may seek to harmonize with it. An effort must be made to bring about this change by and in the party that will be changing, and if over time the change doesn't occur a split will most likely take place even if a conscious desire to harmonize still exist.

Every thinking, feeling human being has within them The Power To Love and in that power the ability to center their life experience in a condition of their choosing, most powerfully if they consciously decide to choose. Intellectually, most desire love while instinctively many pursue love from within less-positive dispositions through misguided ego-centric behaviors. The unrecognized ability or unwillingness to engage The Power To Love portends unknown realities within the individual. Awareness Through Reflection is the prescription by which an individual can discover their own potential. Only the individual can uncover their ability and only they can engage their willingness to exercise The Power To Love. When we do this we benefit ourselves, others around us, and the world at large - today and into the future. we greatly appreciate your comments and questions. You may drop us an email at:

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