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For all intents and purposes those reading this page are human and in so have a brain for the contemplation of this experience we call life. What anyone thinks is up to them. And as many people already know, what we think becomes our life experience.

Just like physics teaches, that within a sphere of influence, an object with mass will attract, or be attracted to, other objects with mass, metaphysics teaches similar properties. This attraction is called gravity. Our thoughts, and how we behave, produce a gravitational influence. What we think, and the action we engage send out waves that, from another point-of-view, can be thought of as harmonious or discordant. Harmonious waves draw together similar waves and the things that generate those waves. That which is discordant repels, or is repelled by, what it does not harmonize with. This is flowing right now within every one of us.

With this in mind we can live by our intellect, culturing and focusing our thoughts on what we desire, or we can live by default and allow the emotions that well up from within us to dominate and produce those gravitational waves drawing to us things that match our default behavior. These are the choices we make everyday.

As you will learn in our "Mission Statement" this web site is not going to tell you right from wrong. What is offered here are concepts for consideration. Though potentially brimming with brilliance the wisdom one develops within their own mind is theirs alone. Without the first hand implementation, observation, and unique personal conclusions someone's wisdom is another person's knowledge. The object of this site is to prompt people to think about their thought process and to consider The Power To Love as the answer for virtually all questions.

The Power To Love comes in myriad forms. The application of love is made and administered by the individual as only they can. This includes variables influenced by ability, willingness, intellect, and emotion. Not all of which we have control over yet through our introspection we can come to better understand our personal possibilities. Leading to potentially more and better informed choices as we live our lives. No small task but one that each person is suited to for their own self. Coincidentally, they are the sole participant who can make this happen.

One may show another a path, but the traveler, who chooses, will transit that path of their own power. For the most part, outside of being in "chaos" and/or "survival mode," we decide what and how we are going to think. The best preparation for the unknown is to sharpen one's own intellect by thinking. Really and truly thinking. Not trying to figure out what is for dinner, but pondering perspectives that pose situations that may be different or run counter to beliefs you already hold or have not previously considered. Reflect upon this world from other angles. Engage introspection regarding your place and the activities in the vastness of life on Earth.


Q: "What does a person say who is being introspective?"
A: "Nothing. They are being introspective."


This is not meant for laughs but to get some to think about what introspection is. When a person is introspective they are thinking about themselves and observing how they think, what they desire and how they feel as it relates to the activities in their life. Some would discount introspection because the individual can not be objective regarding themselves. Obviously, this would be the case for someone who is unable or unwilling to be honest with themselves to any great degree. Then for others being honest with themselves is the truest form of self-love they can offer themselves and the world around them. And what we do for or to ourselves will radiate outward to those around us. The expansion of our self-awareness is the next great step on this infinite journey that is our exisitence.

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