Mission Statement

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Hi, I'm Davida Patrick Moore. I created The Power To Love website as part of my life's mission to offer concepts, using the language at my command, to prompt people to think more about; how they perceive themselves, others, and the world around them.

Through those perceptions people can then reflect on how they choose to respond to the events of this life. That is how we create our life experience.

Sharing the concepts we accept and hold to be of importance is a monumental ingredient in historical human evolution and relations.

Perspectives are far more than a mere agreement with or belonging to, of a public, moral or academic belief system.

The uniqueness that is embodied in the self-awareness, abilities and life purpose of every individual guarantees differences of some type between all people. The thought and reflection given to these facets of self, uncover and refine directions an individual operates from, and is inclined toward, creating the whys and wherefores they encounter.

The resolution of a challenge to one's personally held perspective is only achieved from within. The seat of perspective is what produces our evolved self. This is the place we rise to in our mind, using knowledge and wisdom, to expand our perceptions and our self. This seat is the origin of our higher expression, the string of actions which self-directed will color our world and lead to our future experiences.

To the endless list of questions asked by humankind, an equally endless roster of answers has been used to prescribe particular actions. Many of those answers are rooted in traditions and belief systems reflecting a personal or cultural perspective. Without considering the uniqueness of the inquirer these templates may very well be missing the point of life and not truly creating the unique solution sought.

This may seem paradoxical to the previous statement, but I believe love is always the answer. But if considered, one will recognize Love comes in a myriad of forms. I also believe life is to be lived and experienced and sorted out through the system we develop within our self-awareness, abilities, and understanding of personal purpose. Not only does this make us unique but also renders a unique response to, and through the perceptions of our self, others, and the world around us. There are as many expressions one can present in pursuit of truth as there are people on this planet. And for one to discount another's chosen direction of exploration is to dismiss the unique curiosity and expression found within the boundaries of the self-aware human.

There are no real limitations on the infinite of possibilities.

A successful discussion between two people will produce benefits when the level of consciousness the discussion will resonate through has been properly assessed. Differing levels of consciousness are revealed in differing accepted concepts and language. There is no value in arguing, between religious/cultural/spiritual frameworks, over a deeply held belief. Names are words. Actions are immutable.

I will not tell someone they are wrong for believing something. Every person's life is about themselves first and foremost. In all ways a person's life comes back to what they perceive and how they choose to respond to their perceptions. I do believe there are a few actions which unnecessarily hinder our expansion and slow our rise on our way to communion with the source of our creation. The deliberate wreaking of physical harm upon a person's body is counter-productive. In common day occurrences, separating a human soul from a human body is counter-productive. Also, treating anyone, including ourselves, in such a way as to exacerbate emotional instability is counter-productive. I believe we are here, in this life, to perform tasks that can only be performed here, from within human form. The soul guides the flesh. Emotion can stifle the full potential of our abilities. Ideally, each of us will rise to our level of incompetence. For only at that level are we able to expand our self. Only where we are ignorant is there opportunity to learn. There is always something to learn. That is the simplest of acknowledgements.

In a most valuable form, our human state, we are finite. Being who and what we are as individuals is our gift.

And of course we greatly appreciate your comments and questions. You may drop us an email at: DPM@ThinkersAndSinkers.com

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