The "Go Button" to
"Go With Thoughtfulness"

©2013 Many Moore Designs

Here is a simple dialog one can use to start a conversation using the, "Go Button."

Let's say you've just seen someone act in a way that would best be described as thoughtless. If they seem approachable and there is no threat of physical violence, you can talk to them, quietly, one-on-one, and this is how things might go:

You: Hey (spoken calmly), do you know what this is? (You ask this holding up three fingers.) Now the thoughtless individual has the same three choices they will ever have as you stand in front of them holding up your hand.

Them: No, what do you mean? (Listening to their voice you will either hear, "I love it," "I hate it," or "Whatever.")

You: This is magic. Would you like to learn the magic that will create boundless happiness in your life?

Them: (Again, they are prompted to answer your question and they will from the three choices.) Okay. (Is one option and again you can hear their disposition in their tone of their voice. The only other thing they can say is, "No.")

You: This is a reminder that whenever we respond to things around us, our actions will be either embracing, rejecting, or neutral. Now the magic is found in remembering that when we reject we diminish ourselves. Rejecting someone, something, or a situation degrades us by creating resistance and friction. People get use to it but it still drags us down and it doesn't have to be that way. We can do positive uplifting things that will bring us more happiness. I know, that sounds kinda trippy but how else can we describe it? Being judgmental cannot create happiness.

This is when you give them a button and embrace them.

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