It Could Boggle The Mind

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Because we live in a three dimensional universe there have always been opposites. Because there is a front to your hand, there will always be a back to your hand. When you look up a hill to see someone they have to look down the hill to see you. And think about it, you are always somewhere. And since you are always somewhere there are always places where you are not.

Where you are and how you look at things is called your perspective. Perspective can be thought of as the physical angle from which you view something and it can be your mental point-of-view. Wherever you are no one else can be in the "exact" same place. They can be right next to you but not in the "exact" same place. Because a three dimensional universe works in this way you and your life are unique and like no other person or life in history. You may be similar to someone else in many ways but not "exactly" alike. Think about this, if you back track through the course of your life the totality of that path has been traveled by you alone.

In my opinion, your perspective or, mental point-of-view, is a combination of partially your genetics but mostly all the experiences that you have taken in and the thoughts and feelings your had as you have traveled your life path. No other person has experienced all the things you have. Others may have seen very similar things, even joined you on a portion of your path, but not seen, felt and otherwise sensed the exact same things that you have. There is one of you and your life is unique to all others.

Throughout history there have been a wide variety of belief systems that hold that there is something greater to our lives than merely living and dying. Something that is accumulated and synthesized into a life path, creating a perspective that is reflected, on a very deep soul-type level, in humanity as a whole. To be all inclusive it must be mentioned that there have been people throughout history that have believed the total opposite. It is like your hand, there is a front and a back. Remember in a three dimensional universe there will always be opposites.

In this life it is strictly for you to consider and determine for yourself what you think. But heed the admonishment to consider with care. For the care you use will return to you. You decide what you think of everything that comes to your attention. And it has long been believed that the most successful life path is directed with awareness.

What is your life, it is believed by many, holds something unique for you. Because you are unique and your life experience is unique the possibilities are something unique will come from your life. It does not have to be some Earth shattering revelation that changes the course of history, but then again it might change history without humanity even knowing it was changed. The future is a funny thing. No one knows what the future holds and once it comes no one knows all the possibilities of how it might have been otherwise. We know what is, and then from our own perspective we live our life. A little thing can bring about a change in someone's perspective that alters the course of their life path and that then influences their perspective forever changing their world. Something as simple as reading a book, or having a conversation with someone who introduces an idea may make you thing something you might not have otherwise thought. Then the course of your life path is changed and maybe history in the balance. The trail of influences can reach back a hundred years or more to bring about a change that is added to another idea that brings about a change to a whole collection of actions, efforts and effects changing the course of history and no one is the wiser. No one is the wiser because we have little idea of the vast possibilities of how things could have gone differently. It could boggle the mind.

In the course of having a life changing experience, however small, the potential for changing the world is present. Maybe not today by you, but maybe your actions bring about another action. The chain of events that link humanity together is monumental. Ideas and beliefs that are held today can be brand new or centuries old. The consideration one gives to an idea has the potential to effect lives today and lives of individuals who will enter into life in this universe at sometime in the future. That is big.

Do not underestimate the power of thought. Think about what you do that has it's roots in ancient history. A long time ago the days of the week were given names, and with those names the potential to influence. The days of the week were named after the Sun and Moon and the visible planets in our solar system. You may not think you are influenced by that but the potential to influence someone is there. What would have happened if Uranus was visible by the Ancients with the naked eye. There might have been eight days in the week. And we do not know how history might have been different if the days of the week were named for different things.

The point here is giving clear consideration and deliberation to the events that you come across on the unique path that is your life. Considering and deliberating the vast history of this world would fill many lifetimes. More importantly are the events anew in front of us everyday. Because along your path you are shaped by the way you choose to respond to the influences you encounter. Everywhere you turn events are occurring, influences are appearing, you are faced with potential history changing possibilities. There are a lot of things that occur in the course of one's life that may appear to be outside of our control. How we respond to everything is always within our control, if we choose to take control. When we take control we choose to determine our life path to the fullest extent possible.

What we choose in determining our life path comes from our perspective. So examining your perspective will aid you in preparing for choosing when history changing events are presented. It is not easy but it is simple. "Know thyself." For knowing your perspective prepares you for your future as how you will most likely make your future. You either make your future or your future makes you. It is your choice.

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